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  • Zheeph
    Zheeph  28 less than a minute back

    Arnold's opinion when it comes to building muscle does keep confusing me.
    I have tried working out every day, not too much of a difference.
    Then I did what everyone says, work out more intensely, have more rest days. And that's how I've been gaining muscle after almost a decade now.

    Arnold seems to be the only guy that advises people to work out every day. Dunno what to think. I'd like to work out every day because I love working out but everyone says it's a bad idea and I personally found it's a pointless effort.

    • Raul Chavarria
      Raul Chavarria  1 minutes back

      Is he serious about the whole egg in the shake or is he trolling?

      • Abhishek MEHRA
        Abhishek MEHRA  2 minutes back

        anyone knows what watch he has on?

        • Nail Karimov
          Nail Karimov  5 minutes back

          Arnold- troll 90 level))))

          • SwingingOverHistory 79
            SwingingOverHistory 79  6 minutes back

            My idol....hands down

            • gabox01
              gabox01  7 minutes back

              Is he trolling?

              • mrwmontana1
                mrwmontana1  7 minutes back

                Arnies a washed up lying cheating left wing asshole. Screwing the nanny in the capitol under his wife's nose and then produces a child! Yeah, some fing hero. What a scum bag. He needs to hide his ass and fade away. What a chicken ass.

                • Hank Nelson
                  Hank Nelson  7 minutes back

                  I can show you how to be stronger at 75 than you ever were at 25. And ripped.

                  • Nexadon Wormwood
                    Nexadon Wormwood  13 minutes back

                    He's one of the nicest people I have ever met. He always has a minute to talk to his fans and sign autographs. Really classy guy right up there with Tom Hanks and Keanu Reeves. One of my favorite people, for sure. Keep up the great work!

                    • familyvid1
                      familyvid1  13 minutes back

                      I love how they idolize and ask his amazing diet totally forgetting he juiced for decades to get to where he is. He CHEATED and everyone just wants to act like he is amazing. Yes, he still had to work hard but without roids for decades he would have been half what he was. The arrogant I'm amazing should come with a Disclaimer thanking d-bol, test and winstrol V.

                      • Archeluas V
                        Archeluas V  17 minutes back

                        His answer to squats or deadlifts was 🔥🔥🔥

                        • Jana Mishra
                          Jana Mishra  19 minutes back

                          Whaaaaattt??? You can't say you are "plant-based" and avoid meat and animal products, then put an egg in your drink!!! Seriously...

                          • Anthony Wing
                            Anthony Wing  23 minutes back

                            So in Last Action Hero, he just played himself.

                            • Kanori Yin
                              Kanori Yin  24 minutes back

                              I don't know why he still train in his old age.. he should rest and keep calm.

                              • Anthony Wing
                                Anthony Wing  26 minutes back


                                • peteabc1
                                  peteabc1  27 minutes back

                                  Every calorie I take in gets lost. If only people could sell me theirs I'd be so rich.

                                  • Swampy Wilkinson
                                    Swampy Wilkinson  29 minutes back

                                    Where's the steroids

                                    • Laura Mirabile
                                      Laura Mirabile  31 minutes back

                                      Dumbest video I’ve watched in a long time.

                                      • Laura Mirabile
                                        Laura Mirabile  32 minutes back

                                        Dumbest video I’ve watched in a long time.

                                        • Thinking Ronin
                                          Thinking Ronin  34 minutes back

                                          I guess this was supposed to be funny... but there was some spectacularly bad diet advice.

                                          • Diego Bassist
                                            Diego Bassist  37 minutes back

                                            He Is just super cool! Centered, funny, and a great role model. Hats off to this gentleman

                                            • fieda em
                                              fieda em  37 minutes back

                                              Arnold look so savage when he is older

                                              • Alex Meyer
                                                Alex Meyer  38 minutes back

                                                I always think, he looks like the singer Sting 😂

                                                • Ali Sadat
                                                  Ali Sadat  38 minutes back

                                                  So even if you train all your life you still need a heart surgery... so might as well enjoy my life :P

                                                  • Nick Ohlus
                                                    Nick Ohlus  43 minutes back

                                                    Its antifas general.

                                                    • Tuan Nguyen
                                                      Tuan Nguyen  49 minutes back

                                                      Love Arnold! He’s so down to earth.

                                                      • George E
                                                        George E  49 minutes back

                                                        Can we swap him for Trump.

                                                        • French Strong
                                                          French Strong  51 minutes back

                                                          Clearly went his whole career without much nutrition knowledge.

                                                          Just an incredibly hard worker

                                                          • ցíɾísհ
                                                            ցíɾísհ  51 minutes back

                                                            Very good

                                                            • Russell Thomson
                                                              Russell Thomson  57 minutes back

                                                              Who keeps banana's in the fridge???

                                                              • Bucks N Trucks
                                                                Bucks N Trucks  1 hours back

                                                                California screwed with is head.

                                                                • Secret Passion
                                                                  Secret Passion  1 hours back

                                                                  Meat wins! Cameron is a pussy!

                                                                  • john
                                                                    john  1 hours back

                                                                    DID YOU SEE HOW HE THROW THE EGG?

                                                                    • Krwiomocz.Bogurodzicy Ⓥ

                                                                      Who Says Eggs Aren't Healthy or Safe? :

                                                                      • Rocky Sniper
                                                                        Rocky Sniper  1 hours back


                                                                        • jopageri1964
                                                                          jopageri1964  1 hours back

                                                                          Next week. Arnie's bathroom.

                                                                          • K.
                                                                            K.  1 hours back

                                                                            It's really fascinating that Arnold drinks the "Radler" from a company called "Stiegel", which is located in Salzburg.
                                                                            In Austria you normally don't drink beer from another state - as you know Arnold is from Styria so he's making a Big No-Go there :D

                                                                          • Init Best Compilation
                                                                            Init Best Compilation  1 hours back

                                                                            lmao, Arnold is obviously trolling!

                                                                            • Murali Punnam
                                                                              Murali Punnam  1 hours back

                                                                              my all time favourite actor holly wood arnold

                                                                              • Name
                                                                                Name  1 hours back

                                                                                So meat doesn't make us strong and tall?
                                                                                *I'M GOING VEGAN!*

                                                                                • White Devil
                                                                                  White Devil  1 hours back

                                                                                  His house doesn't look carbon neutral. He must hate the planet and minorities.

                                                                                  • Ani Sharma
                                                                                    Ani Sharma  1 hours back

                                                                                    Me:- opens the frigde for 0.5 second
                                                                                    Mom:- close the frigde idiot!!!!!..

                                                                                    • Deal Man
                                                                                      Deal Man  1 hours back

                                                                                      I have a hard time believing he eats processed "Beyond Meat"

                                                                                      • Jun Melendez
                                                                                        Jun Melendez  1 hours back

                                                                                        this fucker is high as kite xD love arnold funny as heck great role model too

                                                                                        • Mike
                                                                                          Mike  1 hours back

                                                                                          'I don't eat the animal proteins but my favorite thing to cook is steak'

                                                                                          • KHALID AIT
                                                                                            KHALID AIT  1 hours back

                                                                                            Don't put eggs on fridge

                                                                                            • Активный Художник

                                                                                              2:38 WТF?

                                                                                              • Ernesto Llorente
                                                                                                Ernesto Llorente  1 hours back

                                                                                                With all due respect to the Terminator, Keto and Intermittent fasting are not fads. Keto was the way doctors treated epilepsy and diabetes before insulin was available. Fasting is practiced by so many religions for thousands of years. So these are not fads. They have been around way before the Terminator was drinking beer in his baby bottle. Having that said, there are people that lived with a broken metabolic system that had no way of repairing it only through keto and fasting. If you are healthy, then the traditional 40/40/20 split will work for you as long you put in the work. But for a type 2 diabetic with Lupus. like me, Keto, fasting and putting in the work in the gym were my life ring buoy. Today, there are more bodybuilders/athletes that have obtained great results and are healthier through Keto. Not convinced? Watch Cereal Killer documentary.